Josh Karpf
I'm an editor at Simon & Schuster, and a former editor of the former science Webzine HMS Beagle. I graduated from Oberlin, live in New York City, and am active in a food coop, public parks, abortion-clinic defense, and other time-draining projects.

Media whoredom
Good Food, KCRW-FM's culinary show, has interviewed me on many fun edibles. (Search its site with the keyword "karpf.")
Unwrapped, the Food Network's behind-the-scenes series, had me test the Waldorf's eggs Benedict in its brunch program.
Bagel Test. "Everything" bagels at Brooklyn's Terrace Bagels vs. the Bagel Hole's. Featured by Gothamist.
Eggs Benedict New York. Restaurant reviews. Also includes history, nutrition, medical risks, and recipes. "Amusing yet comprehensive." — New York Times. Profiled by KCRW's Good Food.
General Tso's Chicken Survey. Featured in Time Out New York.
Tales from the Coop. Dispatches from the Park Slope Food Coop.
Meating. Friends dividing cow and pig.
In Search of the Perfect Pork Martini. Pork as cocktail, from sausage to Spam. Yahoo! Internet Life called it "pretty strange."
Will Goldschläger Make Your Skin Fall Off? The Schläger Meister replies.
Vinum Nostrum 2009, 2008, 2007, and 2005. Friends making wine.
Ruth Buzzi's Yearbook. The photos, words, and art of Ruth Buzzi from her 1954 Stonington High School yearbook. Plus yoga photos and links.
The Three I Program. New Rochelle's alternative high-school program, 1970-1983.
Defies Known Categories
Death of the Q Diamond. Party/performance to mourn—on the subway—the passing of a subway line.
Liveaboard Finds his Roots on Solid Ground: Ashore. What's it like growing up on a boat? Published by Soundings.
What's Fun on the Web? Favorite links.
Grind. A pumice rap. Hear the song (1.6 meg MP3).
My screaming muezzin alarm clock wakes me every morning.
My Rock 'n' Roll Chicken alarm clock has died.
Occupy LBI. The revolution in New Jersey's Long Beach Island starts with T-shirts, totes, and coffee mugs.